L'AMARI presenta GYMNASIUM anuuario per il 130° anniversario del ginnasio
L'AMARI presenta GYMNASIUM anuuario per il 130° anniversario del ginnasio
L'AMARI presenta GYMNASIUM anuuario per il 130° anniversario del ginnasio
L'AMARI organizza il 3° campionato scolastico Offball
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A conclusione del Progetto Erasmus “Re-discovery of Horses” 2015/18 (di cui sono referenti le docenti Elvira Sorbello ed Elena Leonardi),  gli studenti che hanno partecipato all’ultimo scambio internazionale in Danimarca – Ranum Skole, Jutland- , 

hanno presentato una breve performance sul tema dell’incontro “Art, humans and horses”. Partendo dall’analisi di alcune famose  opere d’arte, essi hanno immaginato e creato un dialogo tra i diversi personaggi esprimendo un messaggio di rispetto e convivenza pacifica tra gli essere umani.

Introduction to the performance

As the topic of this meeting is art and horses, we have selected and   analyzed some famous paintings and statues and we have  imagined what horses  could say if they  had been  able to speak  . In history horses have been witnesses of great events  together with their  riders, they have experienced both the cruelty of   wars but also the glory of the winners.  Moreover  they have shared people’s  ordinary lives and feelings  as faithful companions . We like to think that the message they want to express , wherever they are , is to live free in a peaceful and a joyful world.


Art, humans and horses     

The Italian students have chosen some works of art connected to horses and have given them a voice. 

Unknown artist   - Marco Aurelio ‘s statue 

  • This is Rome , “caput mundi” and I’m Marco Aurelio’s horse . My general was a great emperor but look ! he isn’t wearing any weapons! Although he was powerful  and brave he probably thought  that peace was more important than war. I have been standing here since 176 AD and I hope to remain in this nice square for centuries and centuries ......

Franz Marc – Blue horses

  • But you are really old and pale I ‘m much younger , I was painted in 1911 Look at me how nice is my  blue mantle , I’m calm and balanced    because I live in a quiet and green countryside not like you in the busy traffic of the city!

Francesco  Messina – Dying horse

  • You are right! I can’t stand this noisy traffic anymore , I live in Rome too,  Actually I’m dying. My valorous knight fell in a cruel battle and I will pass away too, with no bridles nor chains holding me.

I’m frightened and I suffer like you all , despite being a horse and a statue...

  Pablo Picasso - Guernica 

  • Your suffering is nothing compared to mine, do you know me ?  Do you know my story , I lived in Guernica and my town was bombed in 1939...Can you see. Can you  hear? ? ? ... I’m  suffering  and crying  with my people .

Everywhere in the world   I’m the symbol of the destruction caused by war!

Giorgio De Chirico -   Balio and Xanto

  • Even immortal horses suffer because of the war! I’m Balio and that is my brother Xanto, we took part in the Trojan war and we saw Patroclus killed by Hector .How terrible was the war and its violence...

And you  white horse , where are you running?

Marc Chagall -  The circus

  • I’m a free horse  - “I’m free  and I’m in love , my heart is free thanks to love. “ I can run and fly and I’m glad to see happy people around me ,happy families , happy children , that’s why my perfect place is the circus! ....imagine ...imagine

All  together

Let’s imagine a world where animals and people can live together in peace and love.